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August 2023

The August meeting has come and gone.  We had nearly 40 members in attendance.  Annalisa Peace was our guest speaker and she gave us a great presentation on the Edwards Aquifer as well as the sensitivity of the surrounding area in the sense that our land use and application of pesticides, herbicides, and anything that can run off our roofs, cars, etc can go essentially straight into our aquifer which is a critical drinking water supply for our area. 

The presentation was followed by our business meeting which touched on the upcoming club member picnic October 21st and laid the groundwork for the club’s holiday party in December.

We also had a presentation on Spinel gemstones from John Eyre. The presentation was great and we’ll have an expanded version of the presentation during a future meeting.  Really learned a lot; particularly that many “Rubies” in royal crowns are not rubies… they are spinel!

Now we are looking forward to our September meeting which will be September 21st 2023. Unlike our usual meeting location, this one will be hosted by St. Mary’s University. We usually meet at Garni Science Hall. There will be either signs or students to guide participants to the room we’ll be meeting in.
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September Meeting

Thursday September 21st 2023

St. Mary’s University – Garni Hall, room TBD

Wonderland 2023 - Southwest Gem and Mineral Society

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