July 2021

THANKS for all the members that attended in June. I heard the meeting was well attended and Joann gave a super presentation on Hawaiian volcanics.

We will have NO MEETING IN JULY. Most of the Board that organize the meetings are travelling out of state and I am still recovering from some surgery.

We will also have no meeting in August which is normally a Dark MONTH for us. St MARYS has agreed to again have our club meeting in their GEOLOGY DEPARTMENT were we are treated with a view of their super mineral museum and some presentations by the scholarship recipients. MORE TO COME ON THIS.


Bob Bowie


June 2021


Personally, I did not know what kind of turn-out we would have at our first meeting in over a year-but it was super and I want to thank all who were able to attend. I think our attendance was around 40!!

OUR NEXT MEETING IS COMING UP PRETTY FAST AS THE THIRD THURSDAY IN JUNE IS JUNE 17TH!! We will continue to meet at the SAN ANTONIO GARDEN CENTER located at 3310 N NEW BRAUNFELS STREET. The front door should be open by 6pm and the City has removed all restrictions on REFRESHMENTS so if you have the time to prepare a few snacks, please bring them to the meeting. We will provide soda, cups and utensils.

JOHN SPECK has provided information on the ROCK,GEM AND JEWELRY SHOW he and Sam have organized for AUGUST 14-15 at the WONDERLAND MALL. It is available for club members to sell their minerals/jewelry. Contact John or Sam for info on this event.

JOANN SOCASH has a super presentation prepared for the meeting on June 17th entitled HAWAIIAN VOLCANOES PART 2 – ERUPTION DECEMBER 2020-MAY 2021. The talk will provide a brief look at how the how the Hawaiian Islands formed. The recent eruption cycle [2018-2021] provides a perspective on what has happened for the past hundreds of years and will likely happen for millions of years to come!

We will have name tags available for members that could not attend our MAY meeting and I have submitted the names of members that requested tags at our May meeting to KURT AND KITTY to have them made for us at the MEXICO FACTORY. These might be available by June 17. Also we have a few CLUB LOGO golf shirts left and will take orders for any one that want one made. WE ARE NOT CHARGING FOR NAME TAGS AND ARE NOT COLLECTING DUES FOR 2021 due to the crazy year we have all been through. We have to charge $20 for the golf shirts.

The members indicated they were in favor of a picnic this year in October and a Christmas party in December which we may have catered by HEB. The brisket is to die-for!

Larri Hampton ( has volunteered to take over the monthly newsletter from Joe Noonan so please let us know if you haven’t received our newsletter as we need all current emails. We will also have new MEMBERSHIP CARDS AND CLUB BUSINESS CARDS available for anyone that wants one thanks to ELIZABETH CLARK. WE WILL ALSO be posting our MONTHLY MESSAGE ON OUR WEB SITE [] and Facebook page.

Bob Bowie