Dr. Les Bleamaster - Trinity University Field Trip - Geology of Iceland


We are very grateful for the superb and interesting presentation that Dr. Les Bleamaster gave at our “field trip” meeting at Trinity University on June 14th, 2018..

He discussed the geology of Iceland and shared images from his personal experiences In Iceland. He also gave us a tour of the geosciences displays (including the TU rock garden, mineral and rock static displays, interactive 3D Sand Box, world seismic display, replica “Smilodon fatalis” skeleton, and the new Center for the Sciences and Innovation.

​Dr. Bleamaster is a published author, educator, and is the​ Science Facilities Manager

at the Center for Sciences & Innovation at Trinity University. He also serves as Adjunct Professor, Geosciences. His travels have taken him to Iceland where he has researched the vulcanology, structure, and history of the area.

Les is also passionate about K-12 education. With a team of planetary scientists and education specialists from the Planetary Science Institute, Les and company, have developed a series of space-themed elementary- and middle-school teacher development workshops. These workshops aim to supply content knowledge, improve conceptual understanding, instill greater scientific confidence, increase understanding of how scientific research is conducted, and provide strategies to develop more positive attitudes towards science and science education. These teachers can then be better prepared to excite and encourage the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math students.

In addition, Les makes several visits a year to primary and secondary classrooms sharing a variety of subjects with students including rocks, the solar system, climate, and Antartica.

​Thank you, Les! We are grateful for our connection!​